With the transformational technologies currently being developed, and the prospect that we may end up giving way to enhanced humans or advanced AI, or simply go extinct, we are faced with a fundamental series of questions: what does success look like this century? what legacy do we want as a species? and what vision should we pursue?

The Centre for Human Success is a registered non-profit based in Toronto, Canada with the goal of encouraging dialogue around these questions, and of advocating for practical solutions.

Among others, we focus on the resilience​ societies will need to reduce existential risk and adapt to radical change, the policies required for effective technology governance​, and the global coordination​ needed to address artificial general intelligence and other global risks.




Vision​: A future in which humanity successfully navigates the impacts of technology

Mission​: To empower people to shape the future of humanity and navigate the impacts of technology in the 21st century by:
– Identifying and prioritising opportunities and challenges
– Catalysing public discussion
– Advocating for timely and pragmatic solutions


  • Good Faith: to approach every issue with integrity and a genuine desire to realise our vision
  • Taking Action: to drive for pragmatic and measurable results
  • Intellectual Rigour : to strive to avoid cognitive biases
  • Adaptability: to evolve with the issues and be flexible in our approach
  • Transparency: to conduct our operations and share our progress openly
  • Perseverance: to maintain optimism in the face of challenge
  • Heart : to base our approach in a love of life and humanity