“Is it better to ignore or embrace existential risk?” – recap of our first philosophy night

Thanks to everyone who attended and made it a great event! In our first co-hosted event with the Toronto Philosophy Meetup group, we discussed the challenging topic of existential risk: how does one live with the knowledge that AI or nanotechnology could cause our extinction? To start off, we examined how philosophies like stoicism, utilitarianism, Buddhism and existentialism can help us contextualise and cope with the anxieties such a topic can create. Towards the end we focused on the potential silver linings: shared global risks can bring people together and help us see ourselves as one as one humanity. And perhaps equally as importantly, danger and the risk of death adds urgency and value to the lives we have.

Philosophy night: Is it better to ignore or embrace existential risk?

Friday, Aug 25, 2017, 7:00 PM

Fox & Fiddle
27 Wellesley 2nd Floor, ON

36 Members Went

Climate change, engineered pandemics, nuclear war, and superintelligent AI – as we increase our technological capacity, so too does the risk that it could cause the collapse of civilisation or even human extinction. With leading scientists like Lord Martin Rees putting our odds of survival at 50-50, we are presented with a series of confounding que…

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