Full house for ‘The Future of Nanotechnology’

Where is nanotechnology headed? What does it mean for our future ? That’s what we discussed on August 14th at our fourth Summer Meetup. We watched a series of videos and TED talks on everything from nanomedicine to climate mitigation, but spent the most time talking about atomically precise manufacturing and molecular self-assembly – ‘Nanotechnology 2.0’:

When nanotechnology reaches the stage where the average household can have a desktop ‘nanofactory’ that builds them everything they need – including food, clothing, TVs and solar panels – we will be living in a world of ‘radical abundance’. This has major implications, as Dr. Eric Drexler – considered the father of nanotechnology – explains in his book.

The Future of Nanotechnology: Watch & discuss

Monday, Aug 14, 2017, 6:00 PM

Cinema Room
370 Queens Quay W. Toronto, ON

25 Members Went

Where is nanotechnology headed? What does it mean for the world we’ll be living in?Join us to watch some TED talks and discuss the issue.All are welcome, non-experts and experts alike.¬†We’ll also be joined by members of two other Meetup groups who are interested in the topic.The Meetup will take place in the Cinema Room of the 370 Queens Quay We…

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